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"Eco" is in our name and part of our culture

Our Team

Our manufacturing processes are guided by a diligent team of staff and workers from a variety of backgrounds. Our mission to implement sustainable practice through innovative production lines is made possible by our skilled team, which includes trained & certified experts in manufacturing, design, inventory management, administration, and more. Our value lies within the drive for highest standards, in which we constantly raise the bar and motivate our teams to deliver high-quality products, services, and processes. At VietEco, we build and follow business models that increase efficiency, transparency and productivity.

Construction work planning


We value our team members, their diligence and decision-making characters. We are proud we managed to gather hardworking, talented and client-oriented staff, and we are committed to apply our business framework with the 3 E's model:

Effective Services

Excellent Quality

Eco-friendly Production Processes


Within every step of our manufacturing processes, we implement a sustainable, transparent, and efficient practice. Our compassion is to be your long-term business partner, and to be a leader of the green transition while offering the highest quality products in the Aluminum industry.

Image by Yolanda Suen
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