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Welcome to VietEco

A leading Aluminum Extrusions manufacturer in Vietnam

Here, we relentlessly pursue a sustainable, quality-driven, and customer-centric practice


About Us

If you're looking for a professional company and a reliable partner who has provided the highest quality of manufacturing Aluminum extrusions with competitive costs and unparalleled lead times. 

VietEco is your destination.  

As a full-service custom Aluminum extrusion manufacturer with a focus on sustainable practice, we implement modern production lines to yield the highest quality Aluminum products to our clients. We offer a full range of other services including assembly, CNC machining, and a variety of finishing options on our full in-house anodizing and powder coating line.

Our unique Aluminum manufacturing capabilities ensure a focus on delivering prompt services, excellent quality, and eco-friendly production processes.


Our Aluminum Extrusions



Custom aluminum extrusions include a variety of simple and complex profiles (angles, channels, T-bars, solid bars, hollow tubes, thresholds, J-caps, dividers, etc.). Common profile systems includes Hydraulic system, Slim system, Angle system, etc. Implementing modern extrusion production lines, Vieteco products are available in various finishes: powder coating, woodgrain coating, and anodizing.

Secondary Operations

Secondary operations such as packaging, anodizing, brushing, powder-coating, polishing and etching available.

Extrusions are available in woodgrain, anodized finishes, and powder-coated finishes in matte and gloss.

Modern Townhouses

Diverse Industries

Serving many different industries, from industrial projects to consumer goods, with offshore contract manufacturing, automation, OEM/ODM, engineering, product development, prototyping, pilot production, quality assurance, and supply chain management services. Meets ASTM, ANSI, D2000, REACH, NSF, ISO, RoHS, WEEE and IPC 1752-1, AS9100D, UL, TUV, NSF, and others, as required.

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